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Welcome to Hero Rocket Games and mobile apps. Our goal is to provide fun micro-moments throughout your day when you can  play games so simple and casual that you instantly enjoy, yet challenging to master.

Hero Rocket Games available now and coming in early 2019:

Tap Dash Fast – Available Now for iOS

Tap Dash Fast by HeroRocket Games

SwitcR – Now Available for iOS 

Hero Rocket II Space Shooter by Hero Rocket Games

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Hero Rocket Games develops and publishes mobile games and game assets. Every game we develop is focused on the idea of having fun anytime and anyplace. If you have a free moment between classes, meetings, or flights, our games are designed to provide a way to unwind, decompress, and have fun in the micro-moments in your day.

Hero Rocket Games. Fun. Anytime. Anyplace.

Tap Dash Fast – Mobile Game

Tap Dash Fast Mobile App Game by Hero Rocket Games

Tap Dash Fast on the App Store is a competitive game best played in a group. Players compete at parties or in office environments to see who has the fastest reflexes in a game that is simple to play but addictively competitive. Players take turns taping the buttons in rapid succession to determine who can score the highest number of “Fast Dash Taps” in 10 seconds. Only the highest recorded score counts. If you’re not first, you’re not fast!

Throughout history man has often resorted separating the best from the rest through test of speed. Whether it was the fastest gun in the west, the first nation to place a man on the moon, the fastest car around the track or the fastest man in the olympics, tests of speed provide an undeniably objective measure of competitive performance.

Tap Dash Fast is a simple but competitively addicting game that can be played anywhere and anytime by friends or co-workers to decide who gets that free afternoon off from the boss, who get’s that last slice of pizza, or simply…who’s the fastest – the best. The goal is to post the top score. There is a leader board. It contains just one score. The top score. All the rest don’t matter in Tap Dash Fast.