Coming this Summer: Hero Rocket II

SwitcR by Hero Rocket Games

Explosive mines, radioactive asteroids, dangerous rescues and you’re only one impact away from death. Welcome to the world of SwitcR! An intergalactic maelstrom of enemies that test your agility and will to survive. Finesse your way through hoards of projectiles with only one ship and one life. Your only lifeline? The ability to trade your original ship for an impervious SwitcR ship. Unleash armageddon onto any obstruction in your way without taking any damage…but only for five seconds. Once your SwitcR ability has expired, you’re left without shields and totally vulnerable once again.

Explore the different SwitcR spaceships, each with different powers. Blast through enemies with Plasma Comets and the Gatling Cannon for utter destructive capabilities! Compete and compare scores with the other players of the game through the Leader Board. And most importantly, don’t get shot. Remember, it only takes one hit to end you in SwitcR! Do YOU have what it takes to prevail?