Atom Runner – Quantum Escape

Hero Rocket Interactive iOS game: Atom Runner screen shot

Race against all odds at the sub-atomic level in this ultimate infinite runner game! Can you escape this quantum realm?

  • You are the ultimate sub-atomic hero! Save the universe by collecting rogue quantum particles!
  • Collect as many sub atomic particles as you can and earn points. Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score!
  • Use your double-jump ability traverse the microscopic science-themed landscape filled with neutrons, protons, and electron particles


  • Hyper-realistic graphics show a surreal and exciting quantum universe
  • Endless and infinite runner game; get the highest score
  • Classic platform game format with a sub-atomic twist; heavy jumping game in a 2D side scroller
  • Casual yet exciting game play
  • Designed exclusively for iOS
  • New game for 2020

If need a break from looking at periodic tables or your STEM class, or if you enjoy Temple Run, Super Mario, and science, this game is the perfect combo for you!

Now available for iOS on the App Store