Jhay Davis – Technical & Creative Director, Hero Rocket Games

Jhay oversees the creative and technical development at Hero Rocket Games. This includes the development of all game art, f/x, music, and coding. With over 15 years experience working on corporate level initiatives at Fortune 100 companies, Jhay is able to help engineer game experiences that successfully employ broad strategic vision and thinking while simultaneously creating a nimble environment optimized for rapid game development and enhancements.

Jhay’s broad digital background includes: Unity Game Development, Swift/GameKit Mobile Development, Creative Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Full Stack Website/Application Development and Social Media Publishing Platforms selection, deployment, and implementation strategy.

15+ years of Fortune 50 enterprise level leadership experience in leading cross functional/ cross department teams. Performance management & developmental coaching. Vendor selection – RFP/RFI. Development and implementation of performance based vendor compensation models. Enterprise scale budget planning, implementation and review. 

Professional Background, Experience, and Skills

Enterprise Technology Manager 

  • National SEO/SEM strategy design, planning, and oversight
  • Enterprise-level API Development for national digital acquisition channels
  • Vision and Strategy development for future technical API development and integration with enterprise Marketing Department strategies
  • Leadership of Agile Software Development Teams
  • Strategy and implementation of digital product enhancements
  • Oversight of development of continuous delivery pipelines

Hero Rocket Games – Creative Director and Chief Engineer

  • Lead, coordinate and participate in collaborative efforts to implement and balance gameplay features, based on the design.
  • Develop effective concepts designed to fulfill strategic objectives, carry concepts through development, and refinement of direction.
  • Establish a visual style that complements and enhances the creative game design based on game system technical capabilities.
  • Ideate, develop and support creative solutions for Ad Sales and Business Development.
  • Lead technical solution design, production platform selection, and establish Test Driven Design culture